About StrongHands

StrongHands (SHND) was released in 2014, created by a pioneer developer called Jackson Briggs observing the diverse path Bitcoin was taking not being a coin for people and only for a few whales. SHND is based on proof-of-stake, an alternative consensus protocol to Bitcoin’s proof-of-work.

Proof-of-work blockchains are secured by proving the consumption of a costly limited resource: electricity. Proof-of-stake replaces this expensive security protocol by utilizing an alternative scarce resource: time.

Due to the cost efficient nature of proof-of-stake time based consensus rules, StrongHands is capable of allowing any network connected computer to participate in the blockchain’s security process. This efficiency strengthens the network by bringing up the number of security providers and ensuring that security can be sustained over the long-term. We are always accepting collaboration, if you are a developer please check our Github repository to see how you can contribute to keep our blockchain secure and stable.

StrongHands is based on community participation where there is no individual more important than another. Every person is invited to contribute to expansion and help people to get real economic freedom