Development Fund

VDR The Great

VDR The Great

StrongHands Core Team

Dear Community,

Giving continuity to our project we are pleased to announce we locked 100million SHND Coins in a wallet for development funding for a minimum of 10 years. These coins are using a multisig and can be unlocked only by three of four core members. In this case: Valter D. Ribeiro, Michael Larry-Reed, Alex Freire and Thomas Orr.

Coins are going to be staked continuously 24/7 in a full node of SHND and rewards will be monthly distributed to the development and marketing team.

The wallet address is here

It can be checked by anyone, anytime. Also this address will be the wallet to accept donations if you think is correct helping.

Thank you very much, this is a huge step we are taking for the upcoming deliveries!

The StrongHands Team