iSHND BEP-20 Token Contract

VDR The Great

VDR The Great

StrongHands Core Team

Dear all,

StrongHands Finance contract is issued and will appear in the new website we are about to release.

You can find it at BSCScan

Please add it to your TrustWallet or Metamask in order to receive your tokens since we will start token distribution on 12th of August for those who already paid.

The Smart Chain address can be reviewed at

For further questions please do not forget to write in our assistance mail:

Access us in our discord

Be aware of scammers, do not give private keys or send tokens to anyone.

Buy iSHND only at, do not accept any other offers since you are getting now for the cheapest price ever with great bonus.

Do not forget the payment process is manual so you will have to send the payment direct to your wallet to the indicated address in any order you create.

Thank you